Mozambique vs. Namibia

Final result: 1:2

End of Second Half
94. min 1:2 Namibia Maximilian Mbaeva was cautioned with a yellow card.
93. min 1:2 Namibia Deon Hotto Kavendji scored a goal (assist by Teberius Lombard)!
90. min 1:1 Namibia Wangu Gome replaces Petrus Shitembi
86. min 1:1 Mozambique Stanley Ratifo replaces Witi
77. min 1:1 Mozambique Reginaldo Faife replaces Maninho
71. min 1:1 Namibia Deon Hotto Kavendji replaces Absalom Iimbondi
70. min 1:1 Mozambique Raúl replaces Luís Miquissone
69. min 1:1 Namibia Petrus Shitembi scored a goal (assist by Peter Shalulile)!
59. min 1:0 Namibia Willy Stephanus was cautioned with a yellow card.
Begin of Second Half
End of First Half
36. min 1:0 Namibia Ronald Ketjijere was cautioned with a yellow card.
26. min 1:0 Mozambique Mexer scored a goal (assist by Witi)!
Begin of First Half

Mozambique Federação Moçambicana de Futebol

Namibia Namibia Football Association

Estádio do Zimpeto

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  • Capacity: -
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  • Country: Mozambique