New Caledonia vs. Mauritius

Final result: 1:3

End of Second Half
94. min 1:3 Mauritius Jean Hansley Patate was cautioned with a red card and sent off!
87. min 1:3 Mauritius Adrien François was cautioned with a yellow card.
87. min 1:3 New Caledonia Cédric Sansot was cautioned with a yellow card.
82. min 1:3 New Caledonia Jean Philippe Sciendi replaces Joseph Tchako
79. min 1:3 Mauritius Ashley Nazira scored a goal!
77. min 1:2 Mauritius Clarel Jackson replaces Kévin Perticot
71. min 1:2 New Caledonia Cyril Drawilo replaces Nemia Nemia
67. min 1:2 Mauritius Kévin Perticot scored a goal!
66. min 1:1 Mauritius Adrien Botlar replaces Giano Li Tien Kee
65. min 1:1 New Caledonia Romaric Walone replaces Willy Wahéo
62. min 1:1 New Caledonia Raphaël Oiremoin replaces Cédric Décoiré
58. min 1:1 Mauritius Adrien François scored a goal!
53. min 1:0 New Caledonia Willy Wahéo was cautioned with a yellow card.
46. min 1:0 Mauritius Adrien François replaces Jonathan Spéville
46. min 1:0 Mauritius Kerlson Agathe replaces Fabrice Augustin
Begin of Second Half
End of First Half
44. min 1:0 Mauritius Francis Rasolofonirina was cautioned with a yellow card.
26. min 1:0 New Caledonia Roy Kayara scored a penalty!
25. min 0:0 Mauritius Kevin Jean-Louis was cautioned with a yellow card.
Begin of First Half

New Caledonia Fédération Calédonienne de Football

Mauritius Mauritius Football Association

Churchill Park

  • Opened: -
  • Capacity: 18000
  • Capacity intl.: 18000
  • Owner: -
  • City: Lautoka
  • Country: Fiji