Grenada vs. Saint Martin

Final result: 5:2

End of Second Half
84. min 5:2 Saint Martin Ismael Marcelin replaces Ylaire Joachim
84. min 5:2 Grenada A.J. Paterson scored a goal (assist by Kwazim Theodore)!
78. min 4:2 Saint Martin Akim Arrondell replaces Yannick Bellechasse
68. min 4:2 Saint Martin Emmanuel Richardson replaces Abdias Milius
62. min 4:2 Grenada Alec Jones replaces Kacey Smith
61. min 4:2 Saint Martin Danilo Cocks scored a goal (assist by Yannick Bellechasse)!
56. min 4:1 Grenada Romar Frank replaces Shamari Mark
56. min 4:1 Grenada Chad Mark replaces Shavon John-Brown
50. min 4:1 Grenada Shamari Mark was cautioned with a yellow card.
49. min 4:1 Grenada A.J. Paterson scored a goal (assist by Kennedy Hinkson)!
Begin of Second Half
End of First Half
45. min 3:1 Saint Martin Ylaire Joachim scored a goal (assist by Jonathan Nyuiadzi)!
39. min 3:0 Grenada Kennedy Hinkson scored a goal (assist by Shavon John-Brown)!
21. min 2:0 Grenada Jamal Charles scored a goal (assist by Kwazim Theodore)!
15. min 1:0 Grenada Jamal Charles scored a goal!
Begin of First Half

Grenada Grenada Football Association

Saint Martin Comité de Football des Îles du Nord

Kirani James National Athletic Stadium

  • Opened: 1999
  • Capacity: -
  • Capacity intl.: 8000
  • Owner: -
  • City: St. George's
  • Country: Grenada