Bahrain vs. United Arab Emirates

Final result: 3:1

End of Second Half
91. min 3:1 Bahrain Mohamed Hubail replaces Mohamed Ahmed Salmeen
87. min 3:1 Bahrain Husain Ali Ahmed replaces Ala'a Hubail
83. min 3:1 Bahrain Ahmed Hasan Taleb replaces Husain Salman Makki
77. min 3:1 United Arab Emirates Mohammed Omar Al-Shaddadi replaces Ismail Matar Al-Junaibi
67. min 3:1 Bahrain Saleh Farhan Al-Saleh was cautioned with a yellow card.
64. min 3:1 United Arab Emirates Nawaf Mubarak Al-Darmaki replaces Rami Yaslam Al-Jaberi
60. min 3:1 Bahrain Talal Yousef Mohamed scored a goal!
46. min 2:1 United Arab Emirates Humaid Fakher Majeed replaces Ali Msarri Al-Dhaheri
Begin of Second Half
End of First Half
28. min 2:1 Bahrain Talal Yousef Mohamed scored a goal!
27. min 1:1 Bahrain Saleh Farhan Al-Saleh scored a goal!
6. min 0:1 United Arab Emirates Faisal Khalil Al-Junaibi scored a goal!
Begin of First Half

Bahrain Bahrain Football Association

United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates Football Association

Al-Sadaqua Walsalam Stadium

  • Opened: -
  • Capacity: 21500
  • Capacity intl.: 21500
  • Owner: -
  • City: Kuwait City
  • Country: Kuwait